Promotional and Informational Videos

One of the reasons that the Honors College has been so successful is because the articulations between service, leadership, and advanced scholarship are made explicit across the curriculum. In order to promote and inform prospective and current students about the many opportunities to synthesize outside-of-the-classroom learning with coursework, the RTOC project has been involved with the production of several promotional videos for these programs.

  • Women Giving Back Orientation Service Project (short promotional video; longer promotional video) – Each year, we set the stage for community engagement with a service project during Freshman orientation. Last year, we helped the organization Women Giving Back.  In support of this, RTOC student Grace Novak created two promotional videos that capture the spirit of the event.
  • University Distinguished Professor Peter Pober welcomes new studentsProfessor Peter Pober delivers a lecture about the importance of scholarly community to audiences interested in George Mason and the Honors College. This year, we invited him to produce a video version of this lecture to reach out to students who have not seen it before.
  • Peer Research Mentor Presentation 2013 (in progress) – Our Undergraduate Peer Research Mentors assist in the gateway Honors 110 courses and recitations, offering Freshmen a student’s eye view of undergraduate research. Each Fall, our PRMs give a presentation to the entire incoming cohort of Honors College students about the research process as taught in Honors 110. We are currently working with GMU-TV to produce a video document of the 2013 presentation.
  • Honors College Connects 2013-2014 (in progress) – Honors College Connects is a program that integrates an experiential classroom experience with nonprofit consultancy and service.  This year, RTOC documented the Spring presentations in which the Honors College Connects groups explained their research and how this serves stake-holding nonprofits with whom they have been closely working.