Office Hours Video Tutorials

Office Hours with your Professors (3 videos)

If the embedded video playlist does not work, navigate to the video playlist on the Honors College YouTube channel.

What are these?

These video office hour appointments cover three major concepts core to college-level research and use the vocabulary used to introduce these concepts in Honors 110.

What concepts are covered?

In the third video, Dean Zofia Burr of the Honors College covers the concept that research should be driven by an authentic, interpretive question that you do not know the answer to.

In the second video, Associate Professor and former Honor College Curriculum Coordinator Kristin Samuelian explains the idea that good questions are investigated by considering multiple different perspectives that might come to bear on the answer.

In the third video, Assistant Dean, University Scholars Director, and Assistant Professor Anthony Hoefer discusses the idea that scholarly articles do not “stand on their own,” but are interventions by scholars into ongoing scholarly conversations which aim to generate knowledge about a topic of subject area.