Research Questions Tool

Research Questions Peer Review Tool

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What is it?

The Research Questions Peer Review Tool facilitates the development of undergraduate research questions.

How do I login?

Login requires GMU username and password.  

How will the tool know which section of HNRS110 I am enrolled in?

When posting, you should use provide your department code (HNRS), three digit course number (110), and the section number of your seminar (which should be on your syllabus and PatriotWeb) separated by spaces.  So, if you are in section three of HNRS 110, you would identify your class as HNRS 110 003.  Using this feature enables your peers to see that a question is from someone in their class and facilitates evaluation of your participation on this tool.

Can I give feedback to students in other sections?

Yes, please post feedback for students in other sections: the value of the tool is its ability to crowd source feedback on research questions from many peers.

Am I really anonymous?

To your peers, yes. To the instructional faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants, no.

When using this tool, keep in mind that your peers cannot see your name, but that your instructors will have the ability to see who has posted what. The idea is that this will enable you to provide constructive criticism to your peers and friends. You will also receive feedback from Peer Research Mentors and, occasionally, from Graduate Teaching Assistants or Instructors.

Should I post revisions to my question?

Yes! Be sure to post new versions of your research question as your revise it. You can easily view all of your posts if you want to review your progress.